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Wednesday, December 15th, 2010 07:49 pm (UTC)
Hi there,

I'm not sure if you are keeping up-to-date with the alter-eco site, but if you are I have a bit of a proposition for you. It's just a small thing really, in the menstrual cups section you have a link to the Mooncup (UK) and I was hoping you may consider switching it to this link;

This is an affiliate link, it goes right to the Mooncup home page just the same as however 20% of the sale goes to my friend Jay... friend Jay works within sexual health and has her own women's health organisation, she does a LOT of work promoting reusable menstrual products to women she deals with. For her it's more about promoting these options to inform women, to help improve their health and the way they feel about menstruation, as well as green benefits.

Jay relies on companies sending her leaflets, stickers and samples (disposable options), but she also spends a lot of her own money on stamps and printing, postage of sending out samples, setting up stalls in green festivals, and producing things such as 1" buttons and keyrings to give out to people - this is all her money. The small amount she gets from sales via this affiliate link help towards the costs.

So if it is possible it would be great if you could use this link on your site, it's not much but even one sale is a small contribution to the work she does. Thank you.

Jane xx


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